Art Department
Through the Arts, children build cognitive, perceptual, and
analytical abilities.
In the process, they also gain a heightened sensitibity , understanding,
and respect for themselves and their diverse community.
~National Endowment for the Arts~

The Art Department teachers believe that art is a universal language and a discipline that should be taught to all students. We believe in a hands -on approach to art in a sequential curriculum. The creative process is an important tool to use to become a successful contributor in the world outside of school.
Our goal is to have our student's experience a multitude of media and techniques, using a variety of tools and processes.
We encourage you to visit the websites listed below to help engage your student's art experience at home.
Art Links:
A great site for museums.
An activities based site.
Interactive Art idea sites.
The Bemis Art School offers classes for students and adults throughout the year. The center is celebrating 75 years.
Check out the Dale Chilhuly chandeliers!! Gorgeous!!
Feel free to contact us at anytime at the e-mail addresses below.
Nikki Klopfenstein 2D Art
Kat McConnell 3D Art