TMS Students Show Love for fallen policeman
TMS shows the LOVE for Officer Micah Flick’s Family
Timberview Middle School
by Terri Inloes
 2/16/2018 9:45 AM
6th grade dance 
by Crystal Ross
 2/12/2018 10:29 AM
8th Graders 
by Terri Inloes
 2/9/2018 7:25 AM
by Terri Inloes
 2/9/2018 7:25 AM
by Terri Inloes
 2/9/2018 7:23 AM
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Timberview Parents,

This is a reminder that student safety is of primary importance for the Timberview community. With the weather turning colder, I am asking for your continued support with the following rules to ensure student and staff safety:

As the weather turns colder and less predictable, please plan your time accordingly for possible inclement road conditions in the morning and/or afternoon.The drop off and pick up line may be longer, so you may want to allow a little extra time and patience.


There are increased incidents of unauthorized student drop off in the main parking lot.  Student drop off and pick up is NOT PERMITTED in the main parking lot. The main parking lot and handicapped parking spaces are reserved for students with physical challenges (must have a TMS pass displayed), special needs buses, staff and parents needing access to the building. Please remember the following safety information regarding student drop off and pick up:

  1. Please use Circle Drive and along Scarborough and Squirreltail for student drop off and pick up. Students may be dropped off anywhere within the Traffic Circle, or along Scarborough and Squirreltail.

  2. When dropping off students in the TMS Traffic Circle, please pull all the way forward to expedite the unloading and loading of students. There is a handicapped ramp located in the center of Traffic Circle for students who need this accommodation; this is the designated drop off spot for students.

  3. When entering the Traffic Circle, please do not make left hand turns off of Squirreltail into the Traffic Circle. When exiting the Traffic Circle, please make only right hand turns onto Squirreltail. If parked on the street near the Traffic Circle exit, please do not block the exit or the ability for drivers exiting the Traffic Circle to see traffic on Squirreltail. Please follow the cones marking the entry and exit routes from the Traffic Circle. they are in place for student and traffic safety.

  4. When dropping off students along Squirreltail and Scarborough, please have students exit your vehicle on the school side of the road. In every instance of a student being hit by a car, it has been the result of the student jaywalking and not using the designated crosswalks. Please reinforce with your child(ren) the importance of using the crosswalks to cross the street on the way to and from Timberview with posted Crossing Guardsat Squirreltail and Kashmire, Scarborough and Squirreltail, Austin Bluffs and Squirreltail, Research and Austin Bluffs, and Research and Scarborough for student safety.

  5. Please know that crossing guards are in place for student safety and not for the purpose of directing traffic. The majority of our students are driven to and from school, this creates a great deal of traffic congestion around TMS and LHS. I am asking for your patience while waiting in the line of cars to either drop off or pick up your child(ren). I am also asking your support in not blocking intersections or crosswalks with your vehicle, as this creates a safety hazard for students and the crossing guard.

  6. Finally, parents please do not use the bus lot between TMS and LHS for parking, dropping off, or picking up students. The bus lot is only for district buses to load and unload students.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and making Timberview Middle School a safe environment for students and staff.

Brett W. Smith, Principal