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Industrial Technology Home
​Awarded "Best Technology Program in the State of Colorado" by the Colorado Technology Education Association and the International Technology Education Association.
The Timberview Middle School Industrial Technology Department's main focus is to introduce the students to the materials, processes, and methods of Technology Education while validating the core curriculum taught by the academic teachers in our school. We accomplish this using real life applications and projects that people encounter in their everyday lives and jobs. This gives students meaning and purpose to what they are learning.
We believe that each student needs to learn how to problem solve individually and in a group setting. Individually, the students work to develop their creativity, technical knowledge, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. In the group setting, ideas derived from background knowledge and newly gained technical knowledge of a subject are communicated to the other members of the group for possible solutions to the problem. This communication process develops understanding for other peoples' opinions and ideas which provides for many possible solutions to the problem. Through these projects and processes we expound on the need for responsibility from each individual student. Students are encouraged to be prepared and contribute as team members and individuals to the solutions to the problem presented to them.

The Industrial Technology Department has developed sixteen Technology Education based Curriculums that are used in Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth grade. Our projects address a myriad of content areas such as: Technology, Math, Science, Social Studies, and L​anguage Arts.

The Industrial Technology staff includes:
Brett Lee: brett.lee@asd20.org