Welcome to TMS Physical Education & Health

The physical education program at Timberview Middle School strives to develop skill, participation,  sportsmanship, and a greater knowledge of the various activities and sports.

It is the intent of the physical education department to promote activities and sports that develop skills for play during leisure time, and activities that have a carry-over
value to adult life. The program gives each student the opportunity to explore and investigate several different activities and sports, from team to individual sports. In doing this, many other positive situations occur. Growth in a wide range of areas contribute socially, emotionally, physically, and mentally to help develop the whole person.
It is the physical education department's intent to encourage students to develop and maintain a high level of physical fitness, to look and feel better and to participate successfully in various activities. The program will build and raise skill level, self esteem and confidence to try and enjoy new activities and sports in a healthy and positive environment.

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The Physical Education staff includes:​
Ryan Reynolds
Lindsey Sneij