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The School Assignment Process

School Assignment occurs when a student wants to participate in athletics (soccer, swimming, track, etc.) or activities (band, choir, etc.) at a different D20 school because that activity is not offered at their current school.

The assignment process can include athletics and activities governed by the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) as well as activities that are unique to a particular school. Examples of these include after school clubs and activities, and some exploratory classes (specific to the middle school level.) These requests may subject to Principal approval in some instances.

The Request For Participation (RFP) form (see Related Links on this page) must be completed annually and students may not participate until the assignment is completed.

Students who participate in home-based education or who do not reside in the district may be eligible to participate in our programs. For more information, please review Policy IGDJ R or contact the District Athletics and Activities Department at the Education and Administration Center via email or by calling 719-234-1214.

School Assignment is determined by activity availability, and a request for a specific school may not be accommodated. Once a student has been assigned a school for the requested sports or activities, that assignment will not change in subsequent years unless the student's school of enrollment changes to one that offers the requested programs. The RFP form must still be completed annually to ensure accurate placement based on the new school year.

When the student has been formally placed for the current school year, the student must register for the requested sport through the website of the school where they will be participating in that sport. Contact the assigned school's athletics department for questions or additional information. If a student has been placed for a co-curricular CHSAA activity, CHSAA will work directly with the school to modify the student's schedule.