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Timberview Sports Constitution

  • Although district transportation is provided to away games, the district does not provide transportation back to TMS after the game/meet. Please make prior arrangements to pick athletes up from away competitions.

  • The district does not provide activity buses. Athletes MUST be picked up by 4:45 p.m. (or within 15 minutes of the end of practice).

  • Students must be in attendance for at least half of the day (3.5 hours) in order to participate in afterschool activities. Students leaving school early due to illness or a non-approved reason will not be allowed to attend or participate in any athletic activity on that day.

  • At Timberview, academics are our top priority. Athletes with two or more D’s or one or more F’s will be considered ineligible to compete in games the following week unless they complete the Eligibility Form which requires an improvement plan and signatures from the teacher(s) and a parent. The form must be returned to the athletic office by the deadline indicated on the form. Ineligible students are permitted to practice but may not play in home games or travel with the team to away games.

  • Incidents requiring the discipline of student athletes may impact their playing time. Reoccurring discipline problems may result in the student being dismissed from the team.

  • All athletes and spectators will be held to the highest of standards with regards to sportsmanship. Please be courteous and use ONLY positive remarks toward game officials, coaches, players, and visiting teams. Remember parents, you are a role model for your child and are also representing Timberview.

  • Interscholastic athletes are selected and playing time is based on character, commitment, work ethic, attitude, and skill level. Some athletes may get more playing time than others.

  • Please abide by our 24 hour rule, which states if you have concerns with the coach, you need to make an appointment with the coach the day following the game or practice. Immediately after a game is usually not a good time to have a discussion with the coach. Please refrain from coaching your child from the sideline.

  • Team pictures will be made available by an unaffiliated photography studio. There is no obligation to purchase pictures.

  • Parents or family members of athletes will not be considered for volunteer coaching positions in the sports their child is participating.

Health Information

  • It is the parent's responsibility to notify the coach/athletic trainer of any health conditions of their athlete (physical and emotional diagnoses), medications, and allergies.

  • Please notify your child's coach/athletic trainer immediately with the following health conditions: diabetes, seizure disorder, heart condition, severe allergies requiring epi-pen (bee sting or sever food allergy), severe asthma.

  • All athletes should provide their own water bottle for practice and games, and it should be taken home daily and washed. (Do not share water bottles due to risk of meningitis, mononucleosis, strep infections.)

  • Head injuries and concussions are serious health concerns. Please consult your child's physician after a head injury for treatment issues.

  • Your child (athlete) should not be in school or participate in their sport if they are ill. Symptoms can include but are not limited to fever, productive cough, vomiting/diarrhea, undiagnosed skin rash, or any contagious illness.

  • Contagious diseases: Athletes who have been diagnosed with strep throat or conjunctivitis (pink eye) require antibiotics for treatment and may not participate in afterschool activities until they have been on antibiotics for 24 hours. Skin rashes such as impetigo (strep infection) or ringworm (fungus) are also contagious. Please have your students properly diagnosed and treated before returning to practice and games.

Preventing Illness and the Spread of Infection

  • Practice clothes should be taken home regularly and washed.

  • Students should provide their own towels for practice and games.

  • Students should not share water bottles and should carry their own.

  • Parents, please remind your students to avoid contact with other people's blood to protect them.

  • Please report any contagious diseases and keep your student at home if ill.

Release for School Sponsored Clubs and Intramural Sports Activities

Academy District 20 strives to provide a safe environment for school-approved intramural sport and club activities that will stimulate and challenge students; we cannot guarantee an accident will not occur. Voluntary participation in supervised school sport and club activities may be one of the least hazardous environments any student is involved in. However, participation in some sports and clubs (e.g., football, Industrial Tech Club, etc.) includes an inherent risk of injury which may range in severity from minor to long- term catastrophic injury. Although serious injuries are not common in supervised programs, it is impossible to eliminate all risk.

Students participating in a sport or club activity must obey all safety rules, report all physical problems to the sport or club activity supervisor, and shall be responsible for the safe condition of their own individual equipment.

By signing this permission form, we acknowledge that we have read and understand this warning and understand the inherent risks associated with this sport or club activity. We further understand that we are responsible for obtaining any medical, accident, or other insurance that we deem appropriate; the district does not provide student accident insurance. The district makes available to parents student accident insurance information which may be purchased at parent's expense.

I understand that the school district and its employees may have certain legal protections and immunities from liability with respect to any property damage or personal injury that may occur during the activity. The school district and its employees have not waived these protections and immunities. I understand that the school district and its employees may also have certain legal obligations with respect to the activity.

By agreeing to this form, I am not releasing the school district and its employees from any of their legal obligations. However, on behalf of myself, my student, and our family and representatives, I release and hold harmless the school district and its employees from and against all claims for any damages or injuries incurred by my student from any cause, including but not limited to my student's own misconduct or the actions or omissions of third parties. I understand that for purposes of this release, the term "employees" includes the school district's directors, employees, servants, and volunteers.

Parent or Guardian Permission

In the event of an emergency, I (we), the undersigned parent or legal guardian, give my (our) permission to school authorities to perform first aid and/or arrange for emergency medical services.

Warning: Although participation in supervised intramural/interscholastic athletics and activities may be one of the least hazardous in which any student will engage in or out of school, by its nature, participation in intramural/interscholastic athletics includes a risk of injury which may range in severity from minor to long- term catastrophic. Although serious injuries are not common in supervised school athletic programs, it is possible to eliminate this risk. Participants can and have the responsibility to help reduce the chance of injury. Players must obey all safety rules, report all physical problems to their coaches, follow a proper conditioning program, and inspect their own equipment daily. By signing this permission form we acknowledge that we have read and understood this warning. Parents or students who do not wish to accept the risks described in this warning should not sign this permission form. I hereby give my consent for my son/daughter to compete in athletics for Timberview Middle School.

Be sure to sign or approve the Parent/Guardian section of the Athletics Registration Form.


Encouraging students to reach their full potential.


Encouraging students to reach their full potential.
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